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Staff Augmentation

Your company has priorities, and sometimes software projects get labeled…“not urgent, but important”.  The idea of pulling your developers onto these projects isn’t appealing to you from a cost standpoint.  This is where Banyan Labs can step in.  Our developers are graduates of the Persevere Training program.  They are available to get in on projects that are collecting dust in your backlog, but need to get done.  This can serve as a much needed service to you, but also life changing opportunity for them.  

What Can We Do For You?


Our developers have experience working on agile software projects.  They have learned in the MERN Stack, they understand the software delivery cycle.  Having that base, they can learn other languages and plug into your organization to help complete projects that have been languishing in a backlog, or just not deemed super critical.


Software companies like yours often have internal tools that may be functional, but they require key personnel to operate, or are otherwise manual in nature.  For example, do you have someone running SLQ scripts to pull data?  Our team can create tools to put a user interface on top and make it so anyone can run the tool.  Ask us how we can help!


Do you work with a Learning Management System?  Or do you have content that needs to be converted for use in an LMS?  Banyan Labs has staff that can assist with this.  We have developed multiple projects taking a client's content package and converting it for use in various LMS system.



The Banyan Project is proud to work with the following organizations on various projects and staff augmentation contracts.
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Indeed is a staff augmentation partner. They have hired a team of (8) Banyan Labs developers as an extension of their software engineering team to produce a new product called OnDemand. They are now in the process of hiring (2) developers to work with another branch of the organization on a new platform for their internal systems.

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Forbes is a staff augmentation partner. They currently hire (2) of our Banyan Labs developers to work with their teams. This is a rolling 90 day opportunity that can turn into full-time employment if the developers prove themselves during that allotted time frame. Currently, our developers are the primary front-end team at Forbes.


Cheri Garcia (Founder) of Cornbread Hustle hired Banyan Labs to design a Learning Management System for instructional and education material that will be accessible on tablets inside prison facilities.

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Areas of Expertise
"My business partner and I came to Banyan Labs to have a website built for a business we are starting. The team at Banyan has walked us through the whole process and has worked hard to provide us exactly what we need to start a thriving business, from our logo to a dynamic website. We are so excited and happy with the service and products we have received and plan on continued partnership with Banyan Labs as our business grows.
CO-Founder, Educator 2 Executive