We are a collection of people dedicated to delivering the highest quality service to our customers while impacting social change. Everything at Banyan Labs begins and ends with technology: We provide the best in end-to-end product development, quality assurance, and engineering solutions to help our customers reach their development and business goals. But we’re more than what we do for the market, we measure ourselves by what we do for PEOPLE. Our vision is to empower justice-involved men and women to succeed in software development careers by providing service, experience, and opportunities at every turn.


Client value. Associate growth.


“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” — Phil Jackson


Persevere is a national non-profit organization who shares our mission to empower justice-involved men and women to succeed as productive members of society. By helping them develop the skills they need to be employable within the technology industry, and helping them find jobs in the field, they are changing lives through education, mentoring, and ongoing support. Persevere provides a coding education program that teaches inmates and parolees how to code. Banyan Labs hires these full-stack developer graduates and teaches them how to succeed on teams.
Naico is a premier IT solutions partner which provides depth, breadth, and mentorship to our Banyan Labs team.

What We Do

Our Process

Banyan Labs will work closely with you to gather product requirements before presenting a proposal. Once given the green light, we will refine and prioritize your user stories and begin an iterative product development cycle which includes regular product demos and, as required, user testing. Communication and status update with our clients is a top priority.

At Banyan Labs, we provide tailor-made business solutions that enhance your opportunities and streamline your processes. We believe in long term partnerships that create extraordinary experiences.

Web Apps

Front end, back end, and design. Let us help you make your best impression online.

Mobile Apps

iOS? Check. Android? Check. Cross-platform solutions? Yeah, we can do that.

Quality Assurance

Say what we do. Do what we say. Prove it. Improve it. Minimizing your risks is part of our process whether it’s manual performance testing or automated functional testing.

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