About Us

Banyan Labs is a technology development company with a powerful social impact story. We provide quality web and mobile app creation, front and back end software development, quality assurance testing, and other software engineering services. We provide end-to-end product development, quality assurance, product and solution engineering services to assist customers in achieving their product development and business goals. Our vision is to empower men and women with skill sets that create a lifetime of new opportunities.

In the United State, we face a serious problem with recidivism rates upwards of 70% (National Institute of Justice). Persevere, a national non-profit and Banyan Labs partner, is solving this problem as an education and training program to help with reintegration skills.

Banyan Labs was created out of the need to place Persevere graduates into jobs through an on-the-job training program. Persevere teaches justice-involved individuals how to code and certifies them with six industry-recognized certifications, including Full Stack Developer. Banyan Labs hires these technology graduates, offering them mentoring from experienced technology partners, and teaching them how to excel on cross-functional development teams.

Working with Banyan Labs provides your business with innovative tech solutions and opportunities to make lasting, positive social change. Our work is proven, professional, and affordable. We’d love to talk with you about your next project.

Web App DevelopmentCustom app and database development, hosting, support, and maintenance
Mobile App DevelopmentiOS and Android native apps available through the app stores
Quality AssuranceEnd-to-end testing, manual and automated testing, and continuous integration

Banyan Labs is co-located with Persevere’s Technology Institute in Tennessee to facilitate collaboration and efficiency. We are expected to have locations in Arizona and other states as both companies expand.

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